Jenni-Lynn Robertson

After leaving school I attended Barkly House Teacher’s Training College to study a Diploma in Preschool Education. More...

June Marriott

In 2002 I qualified with a B.Prim Ed as a Foundation Phase teacher and began my journey as someone determined to bring the love of learning to every child I encounter.More...

Lauren Lodewyk

I believe that children deserve to be taught in the way that they learn. My approach to teaching is to tailor my lessons according to the individual needs of my class. More...

A Few Words About Us

About Us

Beachwood Pre-Primary School is a pre-school offering an excellent education with a fully qualified teaching staff and offers schooling for children between the ages of four to six years old (turning four in the January, February, March or April of the year of application).

We have one Grade O class and two Grade R classes.

Beachwood falls under the Department of Education and we teach according to the CAPS document. We run an aftercare facility for our children as well as children in Grade One to Grade Three from Summerwood Primary School. We provide supervised homework for our Grade One and Grade Two’s. Grade Three’s may do homework but it’s unsupervised. Our aftercare runs until 17:30.

School’s History

In 1992 the Summerstrand Jewish School and Beachwood Pre-Primary School amalgamated and the Summerstrand Jewish School moved into the Beachwood premises which was then situated where the current Lighthouse Bowling Alley at the Boardwalk is. During the construction of the Boardwalk, Beachwood was approached to move across the road to our current premises. In exchange for this move, the Boardwalk undertook to build Beachwood a school of our own design. The classrooms; ablutions; playgrounds; and offices were designed and built with careful consideration of the specific needs of the pre-school learner. In September 2000 the building was completed, and Beachwood was able to move into their new premises. Aftercare started running in 1999 until 14:00 for Beachwood children only but we saw a need for aftercare for the Foundation Phase children from Summerwood and we now run an aftercare for children up to Grade Three.

What We Offer

We offer a variety of extra-mural activities after school:

Our Motto

Where children are loved, and where children love to be.

Our Vision

To prepare children for life and to help ease the transition between Pre-Primary and Grade One.


Our teaching staff are all qualified Foundation Phase teachers, and regularly attend current training courses, to keep abreast with the ever-evolving needs of our so-called “millennial children”.

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